2017 Update

Members of our team continue to travel the world! One of our senior members is preparing a talk on Islamic Finance for a major Asian Central Bank, while we continue to collaborate with countries like Nepal, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

2017 is a year full of global challenges, but we have one goal: help the world improve and thrive through upgraded banking systems, new technologies and forward thinking collaborations!

Monetics PTE LTD is happy to announce a change in office venue in Singapore; this marks the next exciting of our journey in Asia, and our Thai collaborations also continue with Core Node at the forefront!

Growing Up and Moving On!

Monetics FZE in February of this year – 2016, became Monetics PTE! But don’t worry, our website and emails will stay the same for now! After lengthy analysis of the current market, we have moved to be closer to our sister company Core Node PTE LTD in Singapore.

If you want to come and see us our office will be up and running over the next few months – drop us an email at info@corenodegroup.com or p.clarke@monetics.biz.

We are always happy to make new connections!