Suriname National Electronic Payment System – Introduction of an Automated Transfer system with large value and bulk payments including cheques, and a CSD.

Monetics Team: 10 consultants Monetics role:

  1. Consulting – stocktaking and blueprint reports to set basis and direction for developments.
  2. Legal framework and regulations.
  3. Development of secure infrastructure: identity and access management and database activity management.
  4. Requirements analysis and design for payment systems. Project management of infrastructure & systems implementation.
  5. Business advice on organization, staffing, pricing, accounting.
  6. Future plans for national switch and mobile payment systems.
  7. Supplier management.
  8. Prime contractor to Central Bank van Suriname withMontran as software supplier

2 thoughts on “Suriname

  1. Congratulations with the “Go Live” of SNEPS.
    Hopfully Suriname, the financial system, bank employees and the Surinamese in general will benefit from the many possibilities which are enabled with the use of this system.
    It was a rebelation working with your consultants!

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