(1)Iraq National Payment System – RTGS, AC, cheque processing system, securities depository and settlement system, secondary market trading system.

Monetics managed the initial implementation in 2005-8 and is now managing the implementation of the next generation of payment systems for the Central Bank of Iraq.

Monetics team: 8 consultants: Staged in Dubai, Istanbul and on the ground, Baghdad.Monetics role (initial):

  1. Functional design and requirements analysis for all systems
  2. Design of government securities trading system
  3. Technical advice on inter-bank networking and security
  4. Business expert advice on organization, system management, pricing
  5. Documentation and training for client staff
  1. Project management and technical implementation in Iraq
  2. Monetics role (ongoing):
  3. Ongoing management of maintenance and support and
  4. Project Management of installation of new versions of payment system applications
  5. Provision of on-site engineers for system support
  6. Design and support for secure disaster recovery system

Subcontractor to Montran Corporation, sponsored by US Treasury for initial implementation

(2)Iraq Financial Development Project – planning new regulatory regime; strategy, design and tender for card and mobile payment systems.

Monetics team: 6 consultantsMonetics role:

  1. Proposals for governance regime including National Payments Council.
  2. Drafting of new laws and regulations and amendments to existing laws.
  3. Strategy and architectural design for National Switch for card transactions.
  4. Strategy and architectural design for interoperable mobile payment system.
  5. Preparations of requirements and tender documents for retail systems
  6. Assistance with tender and evaluation process, training and planning

Subcontractor to AECOM, sponsored by USAID

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