2017 Update

Members of our team continue to travel the world! One of our senior members is preparing a talk on Islamic Finance for a major Asian Central Bank, while we continue to collaborate with countries like Nepal, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

2017 is a year full of global challenges, but we have one goal: help the world improve and thrive through upgraded banking systems, new technologies and forward thinking collaborations!

Monetics PTE LTD is happy to announce a change in office venue in Singapore; this marks the next exciting of our journey in Asia, and our Thai collaborations also continue with Core Node at the forefront!

Places – Where have we been?

Monetics travels all over the world installing, revamping and reviewing payment systems, these are some pictures taken by our consultants, and others that show the locations we have visited!

What’s Happening Now?

2017 is of to a flying start, With senior members of the company currently overseeing Stock Exchange development in Asia and our ongoing comprehensive review of the BIS/IOSCO PFMIs for a major Middle Eastern Central Bank!

Monetics PTE LTD is reaching even further as 2017 gets underway, and with new financial and economic challenges around every corner now is the opportunity for us to help make financial institutions safer and more modern!

Technology is now everywhere, and we want to be right at the heart of it! Check out this tech savvy sadhu in Nepal! Image courtesy of instashivatribe – you can follow them below!

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We all know India is the land of sadhus, or what are commonly known as sages or mendicants. The sadhu way of life can take a variety of forms. Sadhus may live together in monasteries or isolate themselves in small huts or caves, but many wander throughout the country alone or in small groups. Sadhus, the dreadlocked holy men usually seen lurking around Hindu temples, are essentially an Indian phenomenon. However, Nepal is also one of their favourite stomping grounds. Sadhus are especially common at Pashupatinath temple which is rated as one of the subcontinent’s four most important Shaiva pilgrimage sites. During the festival of ShivaRatri, Pashupatinath hosts a full-scale sadhu convention, with the government laying on free firewood for the festival. In India, Sadhus generally congregate on important religious occasions, such as lunar eclipses or melas (fairs), and are found in large numbers in sacred cities such as Varanasi (Benares) and Haridwar, India. Their dress and ornaments differ according to their sect but they usually wear yellow/orange robes. They allow their hair to lie matted on their shoulders, or twist it in a knot on top of their heads. Shaiva sadhus follow Shiva in one of his best-loved and most enigmatic guises: the wild, dishevelled yogi, the master of yoga, who sits motionless atop a Himalayan peak for aeons at a time and whose hair is the source of the mighty Ganga river. Traditionally, sadhus live solitary lives. They smear themselves with ashes, symbolising Shiva’s role as the destroyer, who reduces all things to ash so that creation can begin anew. Their foreheads are usually painted and they employ scores of tikka patterns. Sadhus generally take vows of poverty and celibacy and depend on the charity of householders for their food. Sadhus usually have only the possessions they carry with them: a danda, a waterpot (kamandalu), an alms bowl, a rosary, and perhaps an extra cloth or a fire tong. However modern Sadhus often travel, mix with all kinds of people and sometimes they act like they are the king of all reality. Modern sadhu keeps handy a phone, flashlights, shoes, wallet and sometimes even a laptop or iPad. ✨👁🕉📱💻🌀📿✨

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Growing Up and Moving On!

Monetics FZE in February of this year – 2016, became Monetics PTE! But don’t worry, our website and emails will stay the same for now! After lengthy analysis of the current market, we have moved to be closer to our sister company Core Node PTE LTD in Singapore.

If you want to come and see us our office will be up and running over the next few months – drop us an email at info@corenodegroup.com or p.clarke@monetics.biz.

We are always happy to make new connections!