Who are we?

Our dedicated team is a family of consultants, who mainly dealt in the world of finance and banking.

›Including, former partners of consultancy firms, general managers of banks and software firms.

Our Main Players are:

›Dr Gordon R Clarke, Managing Director:
Gordon has over 30 years’ worldwide consulting and project management experience in the banking, insurance and retail industries, with particular expertise in technology transformation, clearing and settlement, electronic banking, high-value and retail payment systems including cards and mobile. He advises a number of Central Banks on technology and regulatory matters regarding banking and payment systems. He is Managing Director of Monetics, a worldwide network company of top electronic banking professionals, based in Dubai UAE.

Gordon previously led the Financial Services consulting business of PwC Consulting across Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and was lead partner of PwC’s e-Business consulting developments in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.  In this role he led a large number of transformation projects involving the application of new technology. He has successfully conducted major organisational change and cost reduction assignments related to introduction of technology, including activity based costing and zero-based budgeting exercises.  He has worked on the impact of electronic business on organisational and strategic change with banks, retailers, governments and telecommunications companies.

He has worked extensively in Central Banks.  He began his career in system design at the Bank of England and has managed a large number of Inter-bank payment systems (RTGS, ACH, card and mobile payments and securities depository) projects for Central Banks including implementations in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.  He has a strong background in Central Bank processes including cash handling, cashless payment mechanisms and market operations. He has established a leading position as an adviser on topics ranging from smart-card applications, mobile payment solutions and loyalty programmes to central bank procedures and regulation.  He is an experienced trainer, having run PwC’s e-Business training initiatives worldwide for two years, and conducted the training for implementation of payments systems for a number of Central Banks.

Gary DiNoia:
Gary DiNoia has extensive experience in project managing payment systems implementation projects. He has worked on long-term projects in Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon and most recently Suriname as both a Senior IT Consultant and Project Manager. Gary’s proven ability to take up critical senior management roles, assimilate to an environment, quickly assess and understand gaps, implement action plans and provide leadership to deliver against project objectives and timelines has made him an important part of the Monetics team.

›Caraline Prutton:
Our Senior Legal and Regulatory Expert, Caraline has over 20 years’ worldwide consulting experience in the banking and finance industries, with particular expertise in interbank regulation, project management, retail payment systems, and financial control. She has worked for a number of prominent organizations in the retail payments industry, including Ticketshop, LloydsTSB and Visa International in the UK, ANZ Bank and Electronic Trading Concepts in Australia and has been involved in projects sponsored by PwC in Australia and New Zealand and by USAID in the Middle East.

She has strong experience in the regulation and governance of payment systems gained through her work on the EftPos UK project, with Visa, with ANZ and with Monetics, working with Central Banks. In recent years, she has developed rules and regulations for mobile payments systems in the Middle East, South America, Africa and Asia.

›Philip Corper:
Philip has had a long-term career in banking technology. He was a manager in a large British bank for a number of years, and a senior consultant for PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Philip also played a leading role in the introduction of point of sale payment systems in the UK and has taken part in core banking system implementations. He is now managing the implementation of the Iraqi retail payments infrastructure, working under demanding conditions

.A specialist in retail banking and payments, Philip managed selection and implementation of the national switch and mobile payment system for Iraq. He also developed the strategies for Saudi Arabia’s migration to EMV smart cards and to set up the national switch, the smart card strategy of Visa International in the UK and the for the operations of Mondex, the world’s first international smart payment card. In addition he set up Midland Bank’s Merchant Services Division, and managed the UK launches of eurocheque and Switch, the world’s first debit card.

››Carl Johan Rosenquist:
One of our executive associates, in Carl’s career, which spans more than 30 years in the IT industry, Carl has held senior project management posts with a number of leading international companies including Logica, ICL, CACI, Sema Group, SchlumbergerSema, Tandem, Compaq, HP, GFG Group, Pacific Century Cyber Works (PCCW), SIA (Italy) and Unisys.

He has successfully completed numerous substantial consultancy assignments such as the implementation of automated clearing systems in Jordan, Egypt and Iraq. He has worked extensively as a project manager, including assignments such as establishment of a National IT Plan for Singapore. He has managed business strategy and performance improvement projects for Banking Institutions and Card Businesses, and project managed Business Process re-engineering assignments for Hong Kong Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange. Following the successful assignment to Smart Corporation in the Philippines Carl Johan has dedicated a significant proportion of his time to financial inclusion and implementation of Mobile Financial Services including the design and implementation of interoperable mobile payment solutions.

››John Manders:
Senior Consultant and associated with many projects, John Manders is a former Partner of PwC Consulting in Australia.  He has been a specialist high-value payments systems (HVPS), Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) and Automated Transfer System (ATS) consultant for over 30 years, having implemented RTGS/ATS in 16 countries worldwide and advised on others.  John therefore has outstanding experience of the analysis, selection, implementation and project management of high-value payment and RTGS/ATS systems in a wide range of countries and environments both from a business and technical perspective.

During his long period of partnership in PwC and its predecessors, he provided independent advice and management expertise to Australia’s four major banks (ANZ, Commonwealth, NAB and Westpac) over all aspects of the design, development and implementation of Australia’s original high-value payment system, including automated interfaces. He managed the development of the operational, governance and security rules for the system. He then supported the administration of the high-value payment system over a 10-years; and advised the Australian banks on the design and supplier selection of Australia’s RTGS system. John is an experienced trainer and educator on the human side of technology implementation

Trevor Adams:
Trevor Adams has over 35 years of experience in the Banking and Finance industry.  From an initial IT focus, he has established a comprehensive understanding of the Banking and Finance sector’s business models and needs – both from a regulatory and commercial perspective.  He concentrates on the provision of solutions to satisfy business and regulatory requirements – predominantly automated solutions and re-engineering of current practices.

Trevor has led the implementation of a number of RTGS systems including Singapore, Kuwait, Libya, Mauritius and Laos. He also took part in the Romanian national payment systems implementation with Monetics, focussing on securities systems. He has also advised central banks in the Philippines and Nepal on payment systems strategy and planning. Trevor has a strong background in commercial banking and has implemented core banking systems in a number of commercial banks, mainly in Australia and Vietnam.  He is also a former PwC consultant.

Kyriakos Vouyioukas:
Our Technical Infrastructure Associate and one of the newest members to our team. He completed a successful term in Iraq with the collaboration of USAID, and is now helping with the hardware infrastructure in Suriname. Kyriakos is also working on a software project for Monetics.

Phaedra Clarke:
Executive Assistant currently assisting in the implementation of an Electronic Payment System in Suriname. Phaedra has worked with Monetics on implementation projects for Financial Market Infrastructures and on marketing and business development for our payment systems consulting activities. She also has a good appreciation of both the business and operational issues of inter-bank payment systems and securities depositories in accordance with international standards, and has practical experience of implementation. Phaedra has good management experience, having worked in supervisory positions in a number of major hotels including Gleneagles in Scotland, and ran her own restaurant in Greece for two years. She has experience in developing markets in South America and Asia.

Alexander Psaropoulos:
Our Junior Associate, currently being trained on Elecronic Payments Systems and specializing in hardware. Alexander has worked thoroughly with our Central Bank Partners to install cheque scanning software in Participant Banks and train users in correct usage of MICRA cheque scanners. He has also assisted in the setup of servers for inter-bank networks and undergone training with our IT consorts in Italy. He is curently also extending his knowlege by studying programming.


Our Team is a constantly growing and developing group of individuals who are passionate about what they do. We are now recruiting younger members into our team, providing a “fresh” and modern out-look. We also have groups of technicians in each of the countries we work in, helping with the on ground running of our projects day-to-day, they are some of our most important team players.


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