What do we do?

Monetics, in cooperation with our partners, offers delivery and installation of Financial Market Infrastructures for Central Banks as turnkey projects. That means that we will handle everything from consulting, project management regulatory reform (where required), to procuring hardware and telecoms, installing and tuning infrastructure and software, establishing security facilities, selecting system software, installing and testing the applications, training and knowledge transfer, assistance with User Acceptance Testing and conducting market trials; finally, handing over complete control of the system to the Bank.

We are also happy to provide project management skills by seconding senior team members to projects, and to work on specific consulting projects, assisting with payment system review, strategy and planning and advising on regulatory, operational, technical and security matters. We have deep expertise in many specialist areas ranging from  ISO20022 messaging to mobile payments regulation

We have direct consulting contracts with the World Bank and IMF, and have taken a leading role in several European Union, USAID and US Treasury sponsored payment system projects, particularly in the developing world.

We have working partnerships with infrastructure companies, legal firms and security consultants which enable us to deploy expert teams to handle complex problems with skill and speed.

projectsMonetics is based in the UAE, with activities over the past year in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, East Asia and the Caribbean. Our senior team members have worked in over 20 central Banks, as illustrated in the figure.

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